Monday, May 12, 2014

Dessert Cake Design- Cake Decorating- How To

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Veggie Basket in Buttercream

Now These are Veggies! Cake and Buttercream Veggies.
This cake was for a man who only eats vegetables, I guess this counts! These veggies are sculpted and piped on in Buttercream.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Adorable Bee Cake

Can You Say Adorable! This Precious Bee is Sculpted in Butter Cream and 6" Cake Layers. His Stripes are Simple Rosettes with A Star Tip and His Eyes Are Figure Piped With A # 12 Tip. His Antenae Are Candy Melt.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Rum Balls- The Most Delicious Thing Ever!

Rum Balls are a quick and easy party dessert! It's simple to take some left over cupcakes or cake and turn it into this delicious treat. I promise no one will think you just threw these together. 
The are just a combination of Some Chocolate Cake, About a Tablespoon of Rum, Some melted chocolate and Raspberry Preserves. Mix it up and Roll it in sprinkles and Voila! You have Rum Balls. Arrange them beautifully on a Platter a your guests will think you went all out! Make some extra though, because I promise that they won't all make it to the platter. Oh and by the way, forget about your diet! It will be totally ruined by these beauties, you won't be able to resist!

 see the Video Here:

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lady Bug and Daisy Cupcakes

New Lady Bug and Daisy Cupcake instructional video! Click Here

New Fun and Instructional video of these cute cupcakes! Great for birthday parties, spring parties, or even a baby shower! Like, Share, Subscribe, Comment, and most of all ENJOY!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wrecking Ball Cake-How To Video

SOOOO... New video from Leah's Crazy Cake Lab.  This one is little more on the crazy side...but it's fun and entertaining!! Hope Y'all enjoy and share!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Jerseylicious Inspired Party Dress Cake

Dress cake inspired by Jerseylicious! This is a great cake idea for any kind of sweet 16 party or dress party.  It is make with an 8" bottom tier and the middle tier is a 6" rounded cake and the top is a sculpted 6" going up to a 7" cake at the top.  I used candy melts for the cheetah print on the middle tier.  A very large rose tip for the ruffles and a figure piping tip for the stripes.  And the broach is made out of red and gold candy melts with SUPER AWESOME RED EDIBLE GLITTER!  I will be posting a tutorial very soon! 

Leprechaun Cake- St Patricks Day-

I just made this cake at work the other day for the case.  I know it's a little early, but I had the idea and just couldn't wait to try it.  I used the same construction as the Teddy Bear, Penguin, Tiger, and Mad Scientist cakes.  It is such a great shape that I can make SOOO many things with it.  He's so chubby and cute! I airbrushed his shirt with Neon Green Airbrush Color. His hat is about a 4" Cake on top of a round green melted chocolate plaque to make the brim. Everything is cake except his arms which are figure piped with icing! Even his feet are cake! Hope you like it!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Sweetheart Cake With Candy Melt Hearts

This Pretty Sweetheart Cake is a Collaboration wtih My Mom Liz Larson.
See how to pour the Ganache and make these Candy Melt Hearts

click Here:

Friday, February 7, 2014

Adorable Teddy Bear Cake Pops

This sweet cake pop bear is 1 and 1/2 cake pops dipped in dark chocolate. His little feet are also made of two drops of melted chocolate. His  arms ears and face are piped in butter cream.

I love the way this photo turned out. It looks like the bears are trying to look around each other to see the camera :)
See The Tutorial Here!

Sweet Hearts Chocolate Cake- in Ganache and White Chocolate

Sweetheart Chocolate Cake is a collaboration with my mom Liz Larson from the Art of Frosting. I use Candy Melts everyday at the shop where I work. I find that I can create quick colorful accessories for my cakes that really add that little something extra. This cake is poured in Ganache to create a delicious and beautiful background for these free handed candy melt hearts.

Valentine Teddy Bear Cake in Butter Cream

Valentine Bear is created from a two tiered 6" round base and a single 4" round for the head. I bake extra deep  layers using a full batch of cake for 2 6" rounds which would normally take only a 1/2 batch. I use extra deep commercial pans to achieve this effect.  I often use a grass tip for his fur, but opted for a softer effect with a star tip and rosettes. His heart is red candy
 melts and his ears are made of Oreos (golden, my favorite). 

see the Video Here:

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hello Kitty Cake in Butter Cream

Hello Kitty is Sculpted in 8" cake rounds and Butter Cream. 

Monsters Inc. Cake With Mike, Boo and Sully in Butter Cream

Say Hello to MIKE from Monsters Inc.! He is figure piped on this 1/2 sheet cake along with BOO and SULLY in Butter Cream

Here Mike, Sully and Boo are peaking out of  Butter Cream with a technique known as Sculpted Butter Cream. Leah is a Master at this technique. She uses large figure piping tips to rough in the design then "sculpts" with a small piece of Parfait Strip or a piece of the edge of a zip loc bag. These allow for a manageable size of a flexible "sculpting tool"

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Pirate Minion Cake in Butter Cream

Pirate Minion is Sculpted in 8" rounds and Butter Cream
Basic Minion Tutorial 
Click Here:

Rose Bowl Logo in Butter Cream

Mini Minion Cake in Butter Cream

Mini Minion is made from 6" rounds and iced in Butter Cream. This is the perfect size for a small party serving about 6-8 people. This is a great size to put on top of another cake also. 
See video tutorial Here:

Sculpted Teddy Bear Cake in Butter Cream

Sculpted Teddy Bear is 4 8" layers scultped into a "bowling pin" shape. I used a grass tip to create the fuzzy fur and figure piped the features of the face.

Mummy Minion

Mummy Minion is Sculpted from 2 8" rounds split and filled. He is iced in Butter Cream and all of his details are figure piped in Butter Cream.
Basic Minion tutorial video 
Click here:

New Years Ball Cake

A Sculpted New Years Ball is just the ticket for your New Years Party. This Ball is sculpted from 3 8" rounds, iced in Butter Cream and then Airbrushed. It's finished off with sugar crystals. The Stars and swirls and 2014 emblem are made of chocolate and topped off with a cake pop!

Pink Elephants Cake

Pink Elephants
These Pink Elephants are a ton of fun for New Years or a 21st Birthday Cake
Learn how to make these Cute Elephants. Click Here:

Elegant Anniversary Sheet Cake

This proves a 1/4 sheet cake can be elegant. This is one of my more demure designs. My Client asked for a sheet cake that looked like a Wedding Cake. I employed a number of simple Wedding Cake techniques to create this elegant Anniversary Cake. On the sides I used ruffles and "sotas" as well as strung work.  The top is stacked string work and roses.
Learn how to pipe this spray of roses. click here:

Saturday, January 11, 2014

3D Santa Face Cake

Santa Face is figure piped in butter cream with airbrushed cheeks. The black details are painted in with a brush. This technique creates a dynamic 3D look.

Monster High- Barbie Doll Cake- Operetta

For Every Girl who Loves Monster High a "Barbie Doll" Cake is a Perfect option. This elaborate design is themed around Operetta's dramatic style. 

Adorable Penguin Cake in Butter Cream

This Adorable Penguin cake is entirely made with Cake and Butter Cream. A fun design for penguin lovers as well as a great winter themed cake. It's a great alternative to a sheet cake. 

Mad Scientist Cake in Butter Cream

Mad Scientist was Created for a Mad Scientist Themed Party. His Crazy hair do is made of white chocolate. He is 4, 8 inch layers sculpted into this "bowling pin" shape. This shape allows for many fun characters.